GAC® 2100  AGRI

Maximum precision with maximum economy.


ag_mt_GAC2100AgriWhen you want to have a top-of-the-range model for cereal moisture measurement at an economical price, do not hesitate to choose the GAC 2100 AGRI.

This tool provides the result in just 32 seconds with a fully automated test cell loading and unloading procedure.
The memory of this instrument can contain calibrations for 8 types of cereal making it the ideal choice for large farms

Fast, fully automated, it provides the values ​​of humidity, specific gravity and temperature of cereals inserted in the memory, which can be chosen among the hundreds of calibration curves provided by DICKEY-john.

Ability to print receipts with the appropriate printer (accessory).


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Star printer for GAC. Click on the image to enlarge it


STAR printer for plain paper (accessory)