GAC® 500 XT for the rapid determination of humidity, specific gravity and temperature in cereals and whole oil seeds

Misuratore per cereali Dickey-john GAC500XT

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The accuracy of an analysis tool in your farm.

This compact and economical tool allows you to analyze precisely the humidity, specific gravity and temperature of your cereals or seeds.

Il GAC 500 XT è l’ideale per una misura veloce: basta collegarlo alla corrente di rete o alla presa accendisigari della vostra macchina, scegliere il prodotto, caricare la cella e premere un bottone.

Very easy to use, the GAC 500 XT can be connected to a printer to issue receipts with the reading performed. Calibrations for 16 different cereals can be stored in the memory of the device, but over 450 calibrations are available to be loaded on board the instrument if necessary.

The best product available on the market for the farm!


The GAC® 500 XT produced by DICKEY-john allows a quick and accurate analysis of cereals, even in the field, to a level never before achieved.

Ease of use and accuracy suggest its use at farms.

The robustness and low voltage power supply, even through the car cigarette lighter, extends its use to mobile driers as well as to the machines in the field.


The GAC® 500 XT is very easy to use. After switching on, simply follow the instructions on the display, choose the product to be analyzed, fill the hopper, load the cell and press the analysis button. The result will be displayed in a few seconds. The GAC® 500 XT can be programmed with 16 different calibrations and 10 different languages


  • Moisture, specific gravity and temperature measurement on all cereals and whole oil seeds.
  • Continuous and automatic self-checking with verification of the entire electronic system.
  • Double measuring cell.
  • Incorporated electronic scale.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Transportable for field use (12-24 Volt power supply.
  • Also suitable for mains voltage (220 Volt).
  • Can be used after a few minutes from the installation.
  • Memory for 16 calibrations.


  • Measurement system: capacitive, conductive, weight
  • Products: cereals, oilseeds, vegetable seeds, other whole seeds
  • Measured parameters: humidity, specific weight, temperature
  • Measurement range: 5 - 45% depending on the product
  • Sample temperature: 0 ° - 50 ° C
  • Temperature difference: max. 20 ° C between product and instrument
  • Temperature compensation: automatic
  • Moisture value resolution: 0.1%
  • Sample quantity: about 250 grams of cereal
  • Number of calibrations: sixteen
  • Language: Italian and 9 other languages
  • Display: LCD (128 x 64 pixel)
  • Operating temperature: 5 ° - 45 ° C
  • Ambient humidity: from 5 to 95% without condensation
  • Power supply: adapter 220 Volt - 0.4 A max. + 12-24 Volt car adapter
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 26.5 x 35 (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 5.8 kg


  • Standard calibrations: soft wheat, durum wheat, corn, soy, barley,
    sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum.
    Other calibrations are available on request

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