The ideal tool for modern conservation agriculture!


Maximize your earnings and work to reduce costs with the DICKEY-john Soil Compaction Tester , economical and easy to use. This tool quantifies soil compaction so that we can develop a targeted plan for optimal returns and cost-effective production. (Strongly compacted soil can inhibit root growth and reduce crops.)

To measure compaction in the fields, it is sufficient to push the tester into the ground in various positions to determine problem areas and increase or decrease pressure. Soil-ground compaction meter provides readings for the pressure needed to penetrate the ground in kilograms per square centimeter.


  • Easy-to-read stainless steel dial with color-coded color and internal fluid that reduces shocks.
  • Signs of depth at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 inches. Sturdy and molded housing and handle


  • Improvement of plant root growth
  • Increase of the active effect of the fertilizer
  • Increased water accumulation
  • Reduction of operating costs

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